Simple, Secure Payments

Professional and Fast payments using the latest bank grade TLS 1.2 encryption

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Built in, per site customised fraud prevention and monitoring

Using the latest TLS and SSL technolgies your protection

Immediate Billing and anti-fraud support via our call-centre

Transaction Security with 3D Secure

Carpe Omnia supports the latest innovation in credit card security (via our payment provider Paygate). 3D Secure transactions from Visa and Mastercard will request a One-time-pin (OTP).

This means that even if someone obtains or clone your card, you'll always be in control. Without your One-time-pin, the attacker would not be able to complete the transaction.

Custom In-house Per Site Fraud Prevention

Not all sites are created the same. While our payment provider Paygate use their own global fraud prevention systems, they cannot account for fraud on a per site basis. Our in-house developed system can be fine tuned for each site.

For example, for an e-commerce store, 2 transactions a month might be normal, while on a monthly subscription site, 1 transaction would be considered normal. At Carpe Omnia we filter transactions based on these conditions before sending the transaction to Paygate.