About Carpe Omnia

Carpe Omnia was established in 2008 to focus on internet enabled technologies, including advertising, billing, ecommerce and IT maintenance. It has assisted companies in the hospitality and online advertising industry.

Carpe Omnia makes use of the latest encryption technology. We ensure all encrypted communication is safe and secure. For example, all TLS ver 1.0 certificates were replaced when a vulnerability called Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS ("BEAST") was discovered on the TLS ver 1.0 encryption protocol. This allows an attacker to intercept data and to predict the Initialization Vector of the block cyper, allowing him/her to read your credit card numbers and expiry dates.

According to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards, TLS 1.0 can no longer be used. Accordingly, Carpe Omnia immediately upgraded all secure communication to TLS 1.1 and later, TLS 1.2.

We pride ourselves on our unheard-of levels of support. Analysis of the support email system for the last 10 years show that Carpe Omnia has responded to 98% user billing queries within 1 working day.

Carpe Omnia has also developed in-house technology to stop fraud from reaching our payment partners like PayGate (this is over and above their own fraud systems). The in-house anti-fraud system looks for abnormal behaviour on a per site basis, allowing fine-grained control. This allows us to catch abnormal behaviour far better than simply relying on a global anti-fraud system used by our payment partners.

For additional security, Carpe Omnia never stores any credit card information. Our systems simply create a random reference number to help us track your transaction. This is used should there be a query regarding your credit card transaction.